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Your Official Easter Weekend forecast for NZ - Mostly dry but a chance of rain (+5 Maps)

Posted by WW Forecast Team on Mon, 15/04/2019 - 16:26

UPDATED Monday PM --- Easter Weekend is on the way and as followers will know we have a big Easter Egg shaped high on the way - but will it last through the long weekend? The answer is: probably not.

While this incoming anticyclone (high) will bring mostly dry weather to New Zealand this entire week, it is likely to weaken just as the long weekend kicks off.

The centre of this large "Easter egg" high will cross NZ this coming Wednesday and peaks on Thursday, then slips off our shores to some degree around Good Friday and Saturday - before high pressure returns again from the south on Monday.

This forecast is long range and we have a typically chaotic autumn pattern - so while we have a general idea a cold front moves up the country at some point later on Good Friday/Saturday and produce a small area of low pressure around the North Island on Sunday and Monday the specifics of which regions are all impacted and at what times still needs to be fine tuned. PLEASE BOOKMARK this page and check back for DAILY UPDATES across the week. We expect by this Tuesday or Wednesday to have it mostly locked in.


High pressure brings dry weather to most of NZ with light winds and warmer afternoons. A cold front is likely to move up the South Island later in the day bringing a burst of rain or shower then cooler SW winds behind it. Wintry conditions are expected in Alpine areas at night.

A complicated area of rain or showers moves northwards. It may reach the North Island later in the day.

An area of low pressure may form on the back heels of the South Island cold front and this may produce pockets of wet weather around the North Island. It's a particularly complicated set up that will need more time to fine tune, so please check back for updates. This is definitely not yet locked in and may be a mostly dry day with just a few showers. We expect to be able to firm up this forecast by Tuesday PM.

High pressure grows again from the south across NZ with the chance of a few coastal showers in both northern and southern NZ, otherwise dry and settled. The North Island's forecast may change more in the day(s) to come due to Sunday's area of low pressure - we still aren't sure if it wil linger into Monday or be pushed away. Check back for our daily updates by Bookmarking this page.


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