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Antarctic Blast: Wind chill & Below normal temperatures (+13 Maps)

Southern New Zealand will experience sub-zero wind chill until Wednesday as the Antarctic side of this storm is now dredged up.

Temperatures nationwide will drop and parts of the South Island – both by day and by night – will be more than 8 degrees below average at times.

To track wind chill in your local area for the next couple of days (in fact HOURLY for the next 10 Days) please use the automatic wind chill calculator which you’ll find at This also covers all suburbs so if you live in Dunedin you may find it interesting to use too!

Wind chills and temperatures this low will be deadly for newborn lambs and the coldest of the air arrives tonight and into Tuesday.

You also see our Below Zero temperature maps here:

The positive news is that mild weather returns by Thursday and Friday to the south.

The below zero temperature maps like this one can be found here:


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