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Tuesday’s national forecast

A strong cold southwesterly airflow over New Zealand eases later today.

Northland, Auckland, Waikato & Bay Of Plenty
Mostly cloudy, the odd shower mainly out west. Dry areas becoming more frequent from afternoon. Bay Of Plenty has a few morning showers then sunny areas increase. Strong west to southwesterly winds, gale at times out west, easing evening.
Highs: 14-17

Western North Island (including Central North Island)
Showers, small hail possible. Snow lowering to 400m by evening, clearing overnight. Gusty westerly winds, tending more southwest about Taranaki.
Highs: 4-11

Eastern North Island
Mostly cloudy about Wairarapa with the odd spit, afternoon showers with small hail and snow flurries to 400m then clearing at night. Sunny spells further north then a few brief showers move through in the evening. Winds gusty from the west, changing southwest from afternoon.
Highs: 12-17

Occasional showers, strong westerlies change lighter southerly in the afternoon. There is the risk of small hail from afternoon, snow flurries to 400 or possibly 300m. Conditions clear overnight.
High: 11

Marlborough & Nelson
Some morning sun for Marlborough then cloud thickens by midday with the odd shower and fresh cold southwesterlies, showers clearing in the evening. Nelson sees the odd shower with some sun at times, showers clearing evening. Snow flurries to 400 or possibly 300m about inland mountainous areas. A chance of small hail in showers.
Highs: 8-12

Partly cloudy, chance of a shower from afternoon with thickening cloud. Showers likely from afternoon on Banks Peninsula with hail and snow flurries to low levels (100 to 200m). Southwesterly winds strengthen rising to gale about the coast, easing evening.
Highs: 6-8

West Coast
Showers with small hail at times, clearing around midday about South Westland with increasing sun then further north from afternoon. Snow flurries to near or at sea level for Fiordland, 300m further north. Fresh cold southwesterlies.
Highs: 6-10

Southland & Otago
Wintry showers with small hail, snow to near or at sea level. Conditions starting to ease from late afternoon. Fresh very cold southwesterly winds, strong to gale force about coastal Otago then easing evening.
Highs: 3-4

By Weather Analyst Aaron Wilkinson –

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