Weather Glossary – G


GALE – Wind speeds from 39 to 54 mph (34 to 47 knots).

GEOSTATIONARY SATELLITE A satellite that rotates at the same rate as the earth, thus remaining over the same spot above the equator.

GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite.

GLAZE – a layer or coating of ice that is generally smooth and clear, and forms on exposed objects by the freezing of liquid raindrops.

GRADIENT – the time rate or spatial rate of change of an atmospheric property.

GRAVITY– The attraction of two masses to one another. Large masses have higher values of gravitational accelerations than lighter masses.

GREENHOUSE EFFECT The warming of the atmosphere by the trapping of earth’s longwave radiation being radiated to space. The gases most responsible for this effect are water vapor and carbon dioxide.

GROUND FOG – Fog produced over the land by the cooling of the lower atmosphere as it comes in contact with the ground. Also known as radiation fog, and in parts of California as tule fog.

GROWING SEASON – the period of time between the last killing frost of spring and the first killing frost of autumn

GUST – A brief sudden increase in wind speed. Generally the duration is less than 20 seconds and the fluctuation greater than 10 mph.

GUST FRONT – The leading edge of the downdraft from a thunderstorm.